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Before You FollowI mostly tweet about thai things, kpop, anime and sometimes about studies or random things. I am kinda selective. My dm always open for you guys feel free to chat me, but English isn’t my first language. Sometimes I unf accounts who have been inactive, makes me uncomfortable and I forgot who are you.



ProfileName : Sentria!
(but you can call me sensen
or anything you want :D)
Birthday : 2004
Pronouns : She/Her
Zodiac : Libra
Mbti : Infj
Type acc : Unlabeled

Do Not Follow If1) Fanwar is NOT allowed (meskipun cuman manas2in juga dni dnf!!! kalau udah follow unfoll skrng juga aku gk keberatan, malah seneng.)
2) Homophobic
3) New owner
4) Problematic
5) Hate me && my likes